I will not control the law of the country

The alleged case of the ISIS organization was filed in Singapore on the 13th of this month, when the youth involved said that I would be bound by Sharia law and not by Singapore law.


36-year-old Imran Qasim is accused of paying someone in Turkey six years ago to help print ISIS terrorism propaganda reports.

Imran Qasim did not say anything at the trial (I cannot confess or deny my guilt because I do not respect Singapore law. I respect only Islamic law).

In this, Imran Qasim told the court that he was restricted to Sharia law in Islam. And I accept the remittance, ”Imran said.

In April last year, Imran was accused of sending $ 450 to a Turkish man to print a 2014 ISIS Terrorism Framework Report. Imran is believed to have sent money to a man named Mohammed Al-Zayed Almidhan through Western Union Global Structure.

Terrorism is a global problem. As part of the global community, Singapore is recognizing its commitment to the fight against terrorism and funding terrorism, ”said state prosecutor Nicholas Guo and Fu Shi Ha.

They said that Imran had sent money to help raise money for ISIS terrorism, raise support and make others aware of it.

On October 31, 2014, they submitted their evidence to Imran's remittance court.

It contained the inscription and signature written by Imran Qadda. The lawyers who appeared on behalf of Imran withdrew. There are no lawyers present on his behalf. Imran cross-examined the witnesses presented by government prosecutors.

Imran also questioned whether Israel and the Israelis are on the list of terrorist organizations other than the ISIS Terrorist Organization.

When Imran asked why animals were kept in their hands before they were convicted, the judge replied that they did so for safety's sake.

Imran has been detained under the Homeland Security Act since August 2017. Since he intended to engage in armed struggle abroad, he was granted immunity.

Imran's family were also present at the hearing. When one of them told Imran that "ISIS does not care about you," Imran said that the Singapore government was not interested and was involved in a war against ISIS.

When asked by Imran's family to think a little about the family, Imran said the family was not involved in the case and that the court would convict him anyway.

The Singapore court has announced that the verdict will be announced tomorrow.

සමූපකාර ද සැබෑ තොරතුරු දන්නවා, හා වෙනුවෙන්-කිරීමට ක්ලික් කරන්න පහත ලින්ක් කිරීමට.
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