Mobitel offers attractive data plans for YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp

Mobitel, Sri Lanka's premier mobile networking provider, understands the need for videos and offers its YouTube and Video Prepaid and Postpaid customers a monthly fee of Rs. 249 offers streaming streaming features.

Mobitel customers can easily activate the package by sending an SMS to ACT YT to 160 to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries and listen to their favorite songs. Mobitel also offers all its Mobitel customers an unlimited app for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for Rs. 99 per month.

Customers can easily activate this social media page by typing ACT SN to 160 and sending an SMS. As well as connecting to customers via messaging apps, they can get a very low fee of Rs. 49 is able to implement a program that can be used infinitely, such as WhatsApp, Viber and IMO. Customers can type ACT 49 and send an SMS to 160.

As a pioneer of broadband services, Mobitel has dedicated itself to delivering the best broadband services to its customers across the country. As a result, the company was awarded Ooklat's Speed test Award for testing on standard broadband and mobile networking and internet performance.

Mobitel's continued commitment to promoting 4G LTE technology has enhanced the classic user experience in high definition videos and multimedia online gaming (MMOG). Mobitel recently upgraded their 4G LTE network with the existing 900MHz spectrum. This initiative has made Mobitel the number one network in Sri Lanka's first and most advanced 4G LTE network and LTE MIMO technology.

සමූපකාර ද සැබෑ තොරතුරු දන්නවා, හා වෙනුවෙන්-කිරීමට ක්ලික් කරන්න පහත ලින්ක් කිරීමට.
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