Retail price for Big Onions in sri lanka

The Consumer Affairs Authority  says that a maximum retail price of Rs 150 per kilogram of Big Onions  has been gazetted effective from yesterday 18th on

Meanwhile the said gazette notification also imposes an maximum retail price of Rs. 65 per kg of Mysore Dhal, and MRP of Rs. 100 per net weight of 425g of Canned Fish.

The Consumer Affairs Authority orders that no importer, producer, packer, distributor or trader shall sell, expose or offer for sale, display for sale the above items, above the Maximum Retail Price given.

The new MRPs come into effect from 18th March, 2020

සමූපකාර ද සැබෑ තොරතුරු දන්නවා, හා වෙනුවෙන්-කිරීමට ක්ලික් කරන්න පහත ලින්ක් කිරීමට.

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