Leaving house based on NIC last digit applicable only during curfew – PMD

The government has announced that leaving houses for essential purposes based on the last digit of the NIC number is applicable to areas where curfew is in force.

The President’s Media Division (PMD) said this on Sunday, issuing a clarification on the matter.

Accordingly, the NIC last digit regulation will not be applicable for leaving houses when the curfew is relaxed.

However, entering or leaving areas that have been declared as isolated zones has been banned completely.

The regulation for leaving their places of dwelling based on the last digit of the NIC is as follow:

Monday : No. 1 or 2 as the last digit

Tuesday : No. 3 or 4 as the last digit

Wednesday : No. 5 or 6 as the last digit

Thursday : No. 7 or 8 as the last digit

Friday : No. 9 or 0 as the last digit

The general public is advised to select the closest outlet located within walking distance from their homes to make such purchases.

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